Relax your body and mind! Feel rejuvenated! At Suma Wellness Center we provide a serene, tranquil and positive environment where you can enjoy a choice of relaxing massage therapies.

For hundreds of years it has been recognized that Massage Therapy has positive benefits for everyone, emotionally, physically and mentally, improving our health, beauty and fitness. Massage Therapy will:

• Decrease Stress and Aid Relaxation
• Improve Circulation and Fluid Movement
• Relieve Muscle Tension and Stiffness
• Provide Greater Joint Flexibility and Range of Motion
• Increase Endorphins and Feelings of Well Being
• Enhance the Health and Nourishment of Skin

When is the best time to get a massage? Actually, anytime. However, it has been proven most effective to get a massage when you’re feeling perfectly healthy. Massage assists our muscles to remember a relaxed state and helps to maintain proper body function. It will also take less time to get your body back into proper shape if there is an injury or medical problem that causes a dysfunction if you receive massage therapy.

Suma Wellness Center offers a variety of Massage Therapy alternatives including Reiki and Reflexology to allow for your personal comfort and specific needs.

Call us at 407-265-1888 if you have any questions about our massage therapy services in Longwood FL.