Suma Wellness Center utilizes a safe & painless technology to help you stop smoking or to quit dipping by utilizing our cutting edge PST stop smoking laser therapy.  Stop smoking laser treatments have been used in Europe for over 35 years & in Canada for over 25 years with an 80% success rate.  Our therapeutic cold laser therapy is recommended by local physicians because the therapy has not reported negative side effects & there is no need to use gums, pills, patches or shots.

Have you tried Chantix, Welplex or other chemicals to quit smoking but still can’t seem to kick the habit?  Have you suffered from any side effects associated with Chantix?  Suma Wellness Center's PST smoking cessation treatments have zero side effects & feel extremely relaxing because of the natural endorphin production that the treatment creates.  We provide many different laser solutions including anti-aging treatments, stress relief, pain management, smoking cessation and weight loss.

Imagine, with our cutting edge smoking cessation treatment, YOU can be a non-smoker in less than 1 hour!


Laser smoking cessation treatments were featured on the Rachel Ray Show in 2012 & beat out 2 other treatments for quitting smoking!

Our professional staff at Longwood Healing Center & Spa is committed to helping people in the Orlando area quit smoking and to end their nicotine addiction.  Suma Wellness Center uses Photon Stimulation Treatments, which incorporates the use of cold laser technology to treat smokers for their nicotine addiction.  This therapy is also referred to as laser acupuncture or low level laser therapy, which is the application of a “cold” pure laser light to treat certain conditions.  The laser is used at precise acupuncture points on the ears, wrists and hands.  Additional points are also targeted to aid in suppressing appetite & reducing food cravings.  Almost immediately, patients report that they feel completely relaxed during their treatment.

So if you or someone you know is finally ready to “kick the smoking habit” & live a healthier lifestyle, Suma Wellness Center is here to help you make that happen.

Call Suma Wellness Center at 407-265-1888 to schedule your PST Smoking Cessation treatment in Longwood FL!  It’s easy & painless and in less than 1 hour you could be smoke free!