At present, you might feel as if quitting cigarette smoking is an unreachable goal, however I am here to inform you that there is more than one way to quit smoking. Presently, there are a lot of strategies to quitting marketed everywhere. Some of these are well worth trying, despite the fact that several aren’t. Listed here are the most well-known techniques:

A stop smoking timeline works well if you have someone who is either becoming a non smoker with you or someone who will help you quit smoking. The aim of the game is this person ensures you stick to your quit smoking timeline and makes sure you achieve each of your quit smoking milestones.

Here is the best way to quit smoking cold turkey. People try many different methods to quit smoking, using a variety of quit smoking products. Here we will give you the plan of success, that will increase your chances of stopping smoking dramatically. Use the cold turkey method but also include stop smoking products in one big plan for smoking cessation success. Below we will show you where to find a free quit smoking product too.

Many people who want to stop smoking do not set themselves this quit smoking timeline and because of that they are giving themselves the option of failure. By setting yourself a stop smoking timeline you will be in a better position not only to quit, but to stay a non smoker.


With a quit smoking timeline, you maximize your chances of succeeding stopping smoking because you have a clear date that you are going to be a non smoker by. You also will have defined a number of milestones or mini goals along your timeline.


You can see that it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey if you take the proper steps. While it may be a little more difficult than using aids, your chances of becoming and staying a non-smoker are much greater. By planning ahead and following these tips, it will help you ease into your new and healthier lifestyle.

The most effective method of counseling for those who wish to quit smoking is the one-on-one method. This method of counseling is more effective as each session is specifically tailored for each patient. Customized counseling sessions ensure that you will get the proper attention which enables you to focus more seriously on kicking the habit.

So next, we have NRT’s. This involves the use of quit smoking products such as nicotine gum, as well as patches. These NRT’s have a much better rate of success compared to technique number Many people who have tried these techniques have been successful for a few days to a week , but eventually these people cave in and run back to cigarette smoking.

Suma Wellness Center has developed a unique therapy called Photon Stimulation Treatment or “PST”. The treatment is totally painless and entirely safe. Suma Wellness Center's “PST” plan utilizes a low-level laser which works on specific points of the body. Laser therapy is considered a highly effective contemporary form of acupuncture. A cold, soft light contacts specific points of the body, which aids in controlling addictions, enhancing relaxation and creating a state of well being while combating nicotine cravings.

When you make the decision to quit smoking, your journey has just begun and you should be aware that the journey will not be easy. There will be days that it will seem almost impossible. However, with perseverance, and the right kind of support, you will be able to quit smoking for good.