In a world where physical health and fitness is given topmost focus, individuals are constantly on the search for the most up-to-date and most effective methods to drop those extra pounds. Acupuncture, the approach of inserting slim, sterile needles on particular meridians on a person’s body, has been found to be one effective technique for dropping weight.

Most individuals may find the inserting of needles rather soothing in their quest for weight control. This ancient Chinese alternative therapy seeks to deliver a control system, making it possible for the person to manage appetite cravings far more effectively over time.


It has actually been found that weight gain is directly connected to emotions. More often than not, extreme weight gain is a psychological concern, somewhat more than a simple physical one.

In Acupuncture, there are particular areas on the body being targeted by the hair-like needles. These areas are connected to specific locations in the body and by stimulating these places; the person will achieve a higher feeling of internal balance. As these acu-points are inserted by the needles, specific bodily hormones are activated/released throughout the body. These hormones work by helping you manage appetite and effectively manage the tendency to overeat.


Acupuncturists will certainly target the spots behind the ear when it comes to marketing weight loss. When these acu-points behind the ear are stimulated, endorphins are released in large amounts.

These endorphin hormones allow the patient to experience much better relaxation, thus notably minimizing tension. When the client has psychological balance, there is a better opportunity of improved weight loss. Endorphins are also released whenever the body experiences lessor degrees of physical pain, hence their role as a pain reliever that we are all equipped with.

Patients of acupuncture normally experience very marginal or no discomfort whatsoever, nevertheless most of the acu-points are located near nerve endings and muscle cells. As the needles are inserted in the body, signals are delivered to the mind releasing endorphins from the pituitary gland.

There are also other acu-points in the body that offer as much or better weight management results. One example of these acu-points causes a reduction in an individual’s appetite, while another has the potential to minimize water retention in the individual. The acupuncturist could choose a multi-targeted technique, depending on the needs of the client.


There are a lot of acupuncture practitioners in existence nowadays, providing a host of services. Make certain that you to an experienced and expert acupuncturist like those at Suma Wellness Center. An inadequately trained acupuncturist may not be able to figure out the particular meridian points and even worse, may induce unnecessary pain.

You might need a herbal supplement for your treatment, to motivate a longer-term result. You might be need to visit your acupuncturist several times during the whole course of the sessions. Acupuncture is an effective way to help with weight loss.