As we approach critical holiday party time, most people are beginning to think about losing weight they are about to gain over the holiday season.  I’m writing this article to help you understand why you may fail at losing weight and how to prevent that from happening this year.

Most people say that failure at losing weight is due to being lazy, they are not good at exercise and that they are addicted to food and cannot stop eating.  What many people do not realize is that there are other CO-FACTORS that are involved in the complex system of metabolism and losing weight.  Yes, being lazy can be a problem. Lack of exercise along with eating the wrong foods can pack the pounds on for sure, however the body is a high speed network of information being shared 24/7 and when those communications are broken, weight gain can certainly follow.


One of the co-factors that cause weight gain is the lack of OR excess of certain hormones in the body.  Thyroid hormone is one of the main causes of weight gain in the United States.  Checking your hormones and understanding the complex mechanisms of action is critical in repairing a debilitated metabolism.  Once a thyroid is balanced a person who struggles with weight loss will find their energy levels and motivation will improve, therefore making it easier to see results with diet and exercise.

Another co-factor is the sex hormones called Progesterone, Estrogen and Testosterone.  Traditionally, people refer to this for fertility and other reasons; however we are finding more and more that the sex hormones can improve the metabolism and motivation as well improving the chances for the person trying to achieve weight loss to meet their goals.  Many people will not commit to permanent lifestyle changes and they think of a “diet” as temporary.  Balancing the sex hormones can help people commit to permanent commitments making the weight loss much easier.  It is common to find women who have low testosterone that have very little or no motivation to stick to a good cardio exercise program.  After just 15 days on testosterone therapy many women find themselves with enough energy to stick to a good cardio program helping them re-shape problem areas and seeing weight come off quickly.

Food addiction is also a critical piece of the losing weight puzzle.  Substances like alcohol and nicotine are highly addictive, but food is also a big challenge for many.  Using various treatment methods and nutritional supplements can really help folks struggling with addiction.  There are several unique ways that in combination have helped thousands if not millions, lose weight.  Acupuncture, hypnosis, green tea extract, hoodia, B12 and kelp are just a few.  With the right combinations of supplementation and treatment, food addiction can be overcome and the success of the weight loss program increases substantially. Losing weight is not impossible.